Avon vintage 100th anniversary jewelry box and original necklace and earring set

This collectors item is an Avon 100th anniversary jewelry box with the original necklace & earring set.  All of the items are stamped 1886-1986 to commemorate Avon's 100th Anniversary.  The necklace is a flexible stretch type necklace of 18 inches that looks like a solid gold necklace with diamonds.  The condition of this item is either excellent or never used and has been stored in it's original box since 1986!  The earrings match the necklace and they are pierced with butterfly closures.  This is a perfect addition to any collector of vintage jewelry and jewelry boxes and would also make a terrific gift for someone who cherishes vintage collectibles.

  • Characteristics

    Excellent condition circa 1986 with no visible scratches, dents, missing stones etc


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