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Strontium Titanate & White Zircon ring 4.13 tcw Rhodium over 925 Sterling sz 10

Strontium Titanate & White Zircon ring 4.13 tcw Rhodium over 925 Sterling sz 10

This expensive lab created gemstone is not available very often because of one fact-the fire it emits is better than diamonds, cubic zirconia, zircon, or any other lab created or natural gemstone.  The reason it is hard to find is because diamond dealers are afraid that buyers will want to purchase this gem instead of a diamond and even though it is expensive as a lab gem, it is way lower in cost than a diamond.  "When cut and polished like a diamond, strontium titanate has a very similar luster, brilliance, and scintillation. However, strontium titanate has a "fire" that greatly exceeds the fire of a diamond. "Fire" is the ability of a  gem to act as a prism and separates light passing through it into a rainbow of colors. The fire of strontium titanate is so strong that it immediately surprises the observer"    The setting on this ring is beautiful with smaller White Zircons on each side of the main gem.  As cameras do not pick up the total sparkle of gemstones, you can only imagine what this gem looks like in person! The retail value of this ring is $339.00.  What a perfect promise ring or engagement ring this is for those who want bling at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.
  • Characteristics

    Total Carat Weight: 4.13 cts
    Main Stone: Strontium Titanate Style: Solitaire with Accents
    Metal: Rhodium over 925 Sterling Silver Secondary Stone: White Zircon
    Ring Size: 10 Main Stone Color: Multicolor sparkle
    Main Stone Shape: Oval 10x8mm Gender: Femal
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